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GO SERVICES Features List (PDF)

Endless Applications

We give you a tiny wireless piece of hardware from Asirvia that can fit in the palm of your hand called a GO.

Using our GO SERVICES web-based platform, you decide the promotional message and link you want to program with your GO.

The GO broadcasts your message and link and can be viewed as a notification by nearby smartphones & devices with Bluetooth and Location enabled.


Recommended For But Not Limited To...

Storefront Businesses

Restaurants, salons, fitness clubs and boutiques have one thing in common – they want to attract new customers. Imagine how amazing it would be to send a special offer to everyone walking by…straight to their smartphone. Well, imagine no more – amazing is here.

Service Providers

From personal trainers to plumbers; from contractors to cleaners – your business is on the move, and your marketing should follow you. Put a GO from Asirvia in your vehicle and everywhere you go, everyone around will know who you are and what you have to offer.

Sales Professionals

Imagine the power you would have if you could share your product, service or opportunity with everyone around you in real time? Create a custom message, include a link, and you're done! What if your sales team used this same technology? The applications are endless!

Events & Organizations

GO SERVICES works really well to promote your message or offer with associations, clubs, and non-profits; and especially at concerts, conferences, conventions, sporting events and trade shows. Wherever a lot of people gather, it's a perfect place to be with your GO!

Asirvia Compensation Plan Explained

Share & Earn

It doesn’t take much for a conversation to start regarding how cool, innovative, and exciting the GO really is! Especially when you consider all the things you can do with our industry-leading and simple-to-use GO SERVICES web-based platform. Asirvia offers, through our Affiliate Program, the opportunity to share and earn commissions on new subscriptions, and monthly commissions on monthly renewals, on all our GO SERVICES. This type of referral marketing makes it easy. For more details, check out the information on this website and get started sharing and earning today!

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